Smart Network, Powerful Solutions
The most advanced anti-abuse system ever
Continuous optimization of current trends and modern apps' optimization
Traffic from direct publishers
Advanced targeting
No blocked impressions
Real-time detailed statistics
eCPM real-time optimization
Self-Service for advertisers
24/7 qualified support
Custom solutions for valued partners
Own adserver solution
Ad networks rotation for publishers
No financial transaction fees
Match and optimizes the network automatically with 2G/3G/4G/5G/Wifi
  • Check the network situations automatically and select the best choice to decide how we should do topush the images or videos to the clients like use the small size images or middle quality videos toimprove the experience of our services and reduce the download times for our clients as faster as wecan.
  • Due to we have the self-build CDN networks over the world that includes LosAngels, Paris, Bombay(India), Singapore, HongKong(China), Tokyo(Japan) and Sydney(Australia), nomatter where the client is we promise that we can supply the fastest speed of the world to displaythe resources to any clients.And this will help us to help the advertiser to raise their conversionsand profits.
  • With Long experiences that we will not waste any sales chance of our advertiserclients.We always know that when our clients need the MMRPG games,a new shooting gameor just a youtube to see movies,an amazon to buy something,all these iswe know cause we have a database which stores the data of their favorites.
Https Http2
TLS v1.3
Click Analysis
IP Analysis
TTI Analysis
Fraud Analysis
Protect our advertisers in cyber attacks and raise the conversions and profits
  • We use the Https and HTTP2 protocol which the security level as higher as the banks.
  • The global leading TLS protocol version 1.3 using experiences to reduce the time of the download andmake the clients feel that the images or videos download fast from their nation or native to raisethe client experience,ad conversions and profits.
  • We will check the clicks to ensure that from the real terminal client.To do that we will checkeverything likes the IP origins,clicks interval and action analysis compare with the historyrecords.
  • The most important key point is we have a big data system of the client action analysis.Everywherein the world has a continuity displays to make sure that we can rule out all of the risks oremergency event.
Always be the first one that knows the real requirements and consumer trends
  • We are always focusing on the most popular trends like what are the young people focus on or whichtypes of the games are popular.
  • When there're some new popular games release we will follow them at the first time and recommend toour terminal clients as soon as possible.We always make sure that our young clients could experiencethe high quality apps and follow the popular trends.
  • We have many Cooperation partners over the world countries like app developer,advertisingplatforms,phones' built-in app store,affiliate marketing,native distribution channels,collegecommunity,open source community that can make sure we can always lead our clients to find their realrequirements or create for them.
  • At the most of the developing markets we have built our influence like India,China,Vietnam and southafrica.That will help our advertisers and developers to build influence at there,make new brand.Andat the US,EU and Japan we have a lot of clients and channels.

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